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I have many hobbies, some of which come in and out of fashion, depending on what mood I am in or what injury I am carrying.  Surfing is pretty much a constant with me, although over the years we have fallen out from time to time.  One year I actually took a complete break for six months.  My mojo disappeared completely. I had been travelling throughout the winter to warmer climates (tropical), surfed every day in warm water and experienced what it was like to have good quality waves every day, which isn’t always the case here in the UK.

surfing in heaven warm water perfect waves
surfing in heaven warm water perfect waves

Upon my return in March, faced with 6mm of neoprene and water colder than ice, I found myself questioning why I did this to myself.  Truth is we can’t all have been fortunate to have been born and raised in a country where the water is warmer than your average bath or waves as consistent as the sun rising. This phase passed and a simple session on a perfect Autumns day (Water is at its warmest, waves can be awesome). It made me realise why I loved surfing in the UK so much. Surfing with the people I cherish, the lack of crowds (certainly up here in the North East) and when it does work up here it can be as good as anywhere in the world.

The Day I got My surfing MOJO Back
The Day I got My MOJO Back

The more I travel the more in love with home I become.  We are so lucky to have everything on our doorstep.  Moorland, Forest and Woodlands, and an absolutely amazing coastline. Whether you love to walk, mountain bike, swim in open water or run we have trails all over our area, it is just there to be explored and all within a ten mile radius. There is definitely no place like home for me.

But my New love……..Yoga.  I often heard people talking about Yoga and thought it can’t be that hard, can it really make you calmer, more connected to yourself and what matters? Well I have had an awakening. When Victoria from Tree Living Yoga moved to Saltburn (you can read more about her on her website), it was like serendipity. The day I met Victoria we (everyone at Saltburn Surf School) had been discussing Yoga and we had decided we wanted to try it.  I had sent a few emails out after a google search but hadn’t heard anything back. Then this lovely woman arrived for a surf lesson that afternoon, new to the area but wanting to give surfing a go. Victoria came out of the water having loved her lesson and we talked…..guess what she was a Yoga Instructor. That day we organised a Yoga class for surfers to be run at The Spa Hotel Saltburn. It was up and running within a week.  This was over a year ago now and I still go to Victoria’s classes when I am in the country. It is a new passion that I have suddenly become dependent upon. Yoga isn’t easy, you challenge your own boundaries every time you practice, whether they be physical/mental and dare I say it spiritual. But I love it and its helping with my posture and flexibility, and well I intend to stay young forever…yoga is helping with that.

During a conversation recently, Victoria and I felt it unfair not to share our passions, so we put our heads together and came up with a retreat. Building on that first meeting and keeping that relationship with The Spa Hotel Saltburn we have built a package that we would love to have you come along and join. The idea is to turn Yogi’s into surfers and surfers into Yogi’s, or if you have never done either, two birds, one stone.

Take a look and see what you think, spread the love and come and join in for more info just get in touch.

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