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Welcome to our Blog. Salty Sandy Happy pretty much sums up what we are all about. Our lives pretty much revolve around the wonderful body of water that covers 70 per cent of our Earth. We work, play and dream Surfing.  It is a passion that we love and we want to share it with you.

We have travelled to many destinations in search of the perfect wave and have been lucky enough to find some absolute gems. As with any travelling it has come with its ups and downs, but memories that will last a lifetime have been formed. We love hearing from others about their experiences and we will definitely be sharing ours.

We will give you an insight into our lives and hope to inspire you to embrace the world and become Salty Sandy Happy.

A little bit about us;

I am Zoee the owner of Saltburn Surf School in the North East of England. Running the school for over a decade now, I still delight in my job. I have spent years on my own journey with my surfing and I have had the pleasure in sharing with others in theirs. I think that those moments where I have felt frustrated/tearful/pushing my own boundaries has helped me establish a good knowledge and I hope my coaching reflects this. I certainly can relate to the usual frustrations our sport provides, but I love it anyway!

Kris is a Surf Coach at Saltburn Surf School. He absolutely loves his job and never gets the feeling of not wanting to go to work... working on the beach is where he was always meant to be. If he is not coaching, he is surfing, and if he is not surfing he most definitely will be thinking about it. His surfing is very progressive, and he is always trying to improve, even during a foamie sess. He honours the codes of surfing and will never reveal a secret spot. He also loves the search, don't ask him to share his favourite place as he believes that to surf somewhere you must earn it and find it. To go on your own journey. Its because of this we will often say what country we have been to and where about, but we will never name a quiet break as we wouldn't want to spoil it for the locals.

Anyway, we hope to see you back reading our future blogs and hope that you like them.

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  1. I absolutely love your zest for all things natural and the way everything you do you reflect on the impact you have and will leave behind on this wonderful planet . Your saltysandyhappy ethos encumbers the simple life you lead. Continue to enjoy life. X x

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